Interactive College Networks is a division of Honor Valor Courage Corporation a Veteran Owned and SDVOSB qualified company. The Interactive College Networks is focused on providing interactive educational and training programs. Interactive College Networks provides a vehicle for many types of educational programs to be presented in a totally interactive, encrypted, secured  format. 

The NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, VETERANS NATIONAL CENTERS & TECNHOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, and HVCC ACADEMIES unitizes for all classes the INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS for training required personnel for its project both domestic and international. The network allows the HVCC Educational Institute to tap into many trade schools’ classes around the country to provide the mast incredible trade education for our country’s veterans in many disciplines in the trades. The platform is used for training for certificates in culinary art, hotel management, carpentry, plumbing, electrical wiring, solar installation, UAV DRONE Technology and many other subjects. As with all HVCC Veterans trade training there is no cost to the student and over 90% will be hire from each graduating class be HVCC Family of Companies. HVCC operates on a work study program.  

THE NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, and THE VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER  & TECHNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE utilizes the INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS  to connect into many colleges and universities to audit classes, as well as receiving full two to four-year degrees from many various colleges and universities who participate in the ICN program. As with all Honor Valor Courage Corporation programs there is no cost to the Veterans who are accepted into the NATIONAL VETERANS  ECUCATION INSTITUTE which included full room, board and books. THE NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATION INSTITUTE covers all cost for the Veterans. As we say, "VETERANS HAVE ALREADY PAID THE TUITION".   

The Interactive College Networks Interactive  Video Network is major component. Our Interactive Video to Video Network allows us to deliver any class from our clients to up to twenty to three hundred students anywhere in the world through the cloud.

 Interactive  College Networks is totally interactive with each student while fully interacting with every other student, teacher or professor from their facility. Interactive College Networks utilizes the most advanced video collaboration software in the world from ZOOM. .

This program also allows other companies and organizations to utilize the Interactive College Network for their interactive training and product education programs as well. .