ICN offers HIGH SCHOOLS  and amazing opportunity to collaborate between schools and allow for students in different districts to take classes with student from many other districts. A teacher in a 5 A school can calibrate with a teacher in a 1A school on lession plans on a routine bases from any device from anywhere.

Extended Class Room: A highly rateed High School  can extend their class rooms to a global audience. The class room is fully interactive just like being in the brick and mortar class room on campus.

Extended Teacher:  The extended teacher program allows the best teachers in the country to teach in remote or under privileged school giving those schools the same advantages and the highest rated schools in the country. A teacher can now teach in the most remote countries, Indian reservations, rural and intercity schools and other non or underserved areas. 

Teacher to Teacher:  Interactive teacher forum where teacher can share ideas and teaching techniques with other teacher worldwide.

Video-to-Video Reunion: You when to school with some of the closest friends you will ever know but once you get home, everyone went back from where they came from and you never really get to see them again. Now, with IEN Reunion you can meet as often as you like with up to twenty friends, being able to see each other and talk without a phone.  It is just like being in the same room together.