INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS provide complete valued added services to HOME SCHOOL COMPANIES. 

Interactive College Network is develop help Home School Programs to expand their enrollment and therefor their tuition revenue without the requirement to use any capital expenditures. The current on-line programs of most Home School Programs is very lacking in many respects. First most Home Schools  who offer on-line course have to increase the payroll by adding staff and instructor to run a separate program just for the on-line program. Second the on-line instructors really have no idea who is taking the class at any time since they can not see the students. Third the students do not feel part of the college of university which leads to increase and high dropout rates for the program. Forth the Students can not participate in the college or university extra circular actives such as watching sports which builds the comradery and support of the college or university therefor increasing alumni support and revenue.  

Another issue for Home Schools is the cost of outfitting the classroom with excellent equipment and systems as well hiring staff to manage and service the on-line network system. 

Interactive College Network solves all of these issue and problem! 

Interactive College Networks allows the Home School to expand their enrollment and tuition without and requirement for Capital expense, the professors and instructors see all students just like the are sitting in the classroom, no need for addition teachers for on-line courses, student feel part of the class and not external to it and the students can take part in all extra circular active like sports just like being there which increases support for the alumni and donations. Interactive College Networks also eliminates the cost of  implementing the program for the Home School  providing  complete systems at no cost the Home School  for the life of the program. 

•Interactive College Networks provides the most advanced extended education platform ever developed for Local to Global Classrooms
•Allows full interactivity between classes and between Students in the Home School Program Company 
•Students at one Home School can attend classes and courses at other School on the Network. Inter-classroom
and inter-school operability for students and faculty.
•Classes can be held with 2 to 20 students in classroom and unlimited in lecture hall setting.
•Full video to video capability to view everyone and fully interact with each other including the Teacher
•Full collaboration with document, power point and whiteboard sharing with annotation
•Full recording of all classroom sessions for on-demand attendance
•Unlimited usage