LEADERSHIP THROUGH ATHLETICS  is a program that was developed by Dennis M Butts for students in High School and Trade Schools over 10 years ago. The program was in such demand by schools that the implementation ten years ago was simple overwhelming with the way we envisioned the program which was on hand training, lectures and seminars for the many companies and vendors who were willing to be part of  LTA.  At one meeting for a state High School Athletic Directors meeting with 100 ADs in attendance 99 schools wanted to sign up for our program that night. How could we get busy companies, vendors, college and pro-stadium grounds keeper, Turf Field groups, sports marketing, sports medicine and sports agents involved with that expenditure of time. We couldn’t! 

Till now, the new LTA is here and now we offer it not just to high schools and trade schools but to our Veterans in  conjunction with INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS and MICROSOFT TEAMS  TECHNOLOGY.

It is an amazing program that brings the students together with companies and experts from all areas of the sports world in every disciplines from field maintenance to sports agent.  

By utilizing the incredible LTA Interactive Networks, om INTERACTIVE COLLEGE NETWORKS the experts can meet with students from across the country interested in the same field in a totally interactive manner with full real time video and collaboration.  

www.interactivesportsnetworks.comwas developed to allow full interactive video training of athletes for colleges and high schools. It is now available to LTA’s aspiring PRO-ATHLETES from famous coaches and Pro-Athletes around the world. 

The platform allows a coach or the Pro-Athlete to run classes and practices from anywhere in the world.
​LTA and INTERACTIVE SPORTS NETWORKS provides a complete package for sports camp which in includes a complete installation of all ZOOM technology.​