​​​                                                                   NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS is the vision of Dennis M. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation.  
The NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS was developed to allow the total interaction and interactivity between schools which are cohesive in their nature and have common interest. 

There are 4,583 total colleges in the United States with 1,579 two-year colleges and 3,004 four-year colleges. Over half will be eligible to be members of the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS.

The HBCU Schools are an excellent example of this group of schools that have a commonality of interest. The HBCU have over 100 Colleges and Universities in the HBCU Network. 

High Schools district are another in major school districts around the county with 12  twelve high schools in one county such as Loudoun Country, Virginia which has 15 high schools, Fair Fax Virginia with 30 high Schools and Prince William County, Virginia with 12 all within a 50 mile radius and Atlanta, Ga. has 37 public High Schools. These are just a sample of the huge number of high schools around the country that fit the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS profile.

The NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORK believes that by sharing resources and teachers on the amazing platform we can increase the education of the students.  The Network also allows for increase in the adult education and the at-risk student education and training. 

The NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORK provides the full CONTACT CENTER networks and at no cost the schools in the CONSORTIUM. THE NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS represent over 100 plus major companies and corporations that provide technology, equipment, products and services to the educational community. We are able to provide the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORK at no cost by being very competitive on purchases and bid which in turn provide the revenue for the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS and the 15% support for the NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATION INSTITUTE and the HVCC EDUCATION INSTITUTE for our veterans. 

The NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS massive buying power program extends not only the schools, but to the families, companies and corporation of the parents of the students. This creates a massive buying CONSORTIUM for the entire community for major commercial products, services and systems.

We represent many of the country’s finest manufactures in the modular building industry from Modular Direct for classroom expansions and new construction.

IO ENERGY Microgrids and Nanogrids, IO Solar Storage Systems, IO Fuel Cells, IO Mobile Battery Back Systems 5-M and 10-M, IO Solar Lighting and  IO Smart Panels and Controls.  

Solar industry with thin film solar for school application to complete 20 -100 MW solar farms to power entire school districts, a college or group of college in one major solar network.

TEMP-COAT® 101 is a general-purpose insulation which comes in liquid form. This industrial designed liquid acrylic latex ceramic insulation performs extremely well on piping, air and heat duct work, exposed water pipes, tanks, oxygen lines, steam lines, refrigeration equipment, cryogenics, and condensation control.

DEDRONE Anti-Drone protection for events at your school and on campus to protect students from attach with chemicals and explosives. HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP is extremely concerned about the exposure of students and fans at stadiums by attack of bad actor drones. HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP is the only company in the World that rents and will in-house lease commercial drones.

SEMACONNECT EV Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Systems for Colleges, Universities and  High Schools.  SemaConnect is a developer and producer of smart networked Electric Vehicle charging stations and sophisticated electric vehicle software for station owners and EV drivers.

Artificial Turf  fields  for football, soccer and lax. We represent the leading manufactures in the turf business.  We also represent the leaders in the sports flooring under the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS. 

These products, services and over 100 of others commercial products, systems and services are carried and provided by NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS and are available under the buying program of the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS.  

​The NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORK also allows for centralized ordering, purchasing and inventory control with all our vendors.  

There is no cost to be a member of the NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORK.

THE NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CONSORTIUM NETWORKS is estimated to spend over $60,000,000 dollars a year to provide this service to Colleges, Universities and High Schools this year.